On average, JWLRZ is one clarity grade better and 16% more affordable than our closest online competitor.

The JWLRZ Difference

What we do

The Jewelry industry is a millennium old one. There is nothing more expressive of one's feelings towards another than a fine piece of jewelry. The Diamond Jewelry Industry however is complicated and there are too many nuances that intentionally confuse the the average Joe. 

Be it an engagement ring or an anniversary pendant, JWLRZ wants its customers to enjoy the thrill of gifting their loved ones, at the most affordable prices possible. So we cut out middle men, showrooms, and marketing extravaganza. Just natural diamonds, at affordable prices.

We also built JWLRZ from the ground up with the intent of keeping things simple. No complicated diamond grade choosers, no complicated sizing options. You will find JWLRZ is straightforward and simple. The way it is meant to be!

“If I get married, I want to be very married.”
― Audrey Hepburn

What is our Philosphy?

Focus On Maximizing Value

We focus on one simple underlying principle: "What is the best diamond that JWLRz can get this customer for the specified budget?"

With that as our driving force, we find ourselves striving to procure all natural diamonds of the highest quality, create meaningful jewelry through pristine craftsmanship,  and wow our customers with amazing prices. 

And every single time this approach seems to be a winner.

It is not a Sprint, but a Marathon

Perfecting "Value for Money" is not easy. It takes long hours of process design to arrive at the right equations that maximize customer value while not compromising company sustenance. With combined 60+ years of experience in Jewel design, operations rigor and marketing efficiencies, we know the right permutations that can maximize customer value. It has taken time, effort and countless sleepless nights.
But in the end it has all been worth it. 






Hand Craftsmanship



Our Awards Through The Years

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